When you need a reliable shipping company that has experienced drivers, the first company to come to mind should be I-Go Trans.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans offers owner-operators an opportunity to move freight at above-average rates and secure as much as they want.

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I-Go Trans is always searching for experienced drivers and other team members. We are looking for friendly, service-minded people.

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I-Go Trans believes that you can provide superior service and on-time shipping while also giving the clients the best price and service.

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Let our extensive experience benefit your company. Our knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to provide on-time and affordable service.

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Cross Docking

Cross Docking is a relatively new term in the trucking industry. This term refers to businesses using JIT (just in time) deliveries to fill their orders instead of warehousing all their goods. I-Go Trans can assist any business with cross-docking shipments.

What Is The Difference Between Cross Docking and Warehousing?

Warehousing has for a long time been the way businesses keep their goods. They order large shipments of merchandise and then store them at the warehouse until such a time as they are needed. This type of method makes sense for high-demand products or seasonal products. But for everyday products, warehousing takes up a lot of space and costs a lot of money to manage.

Cross docking basically means that the product enters at receiving and crosses the dock to be shipped to the consumer. This has become increasingly popular with businesses as more people began to shop online. Online shopping is an entirely different industry than your standard retail.

You cannot predict trends with accuracy, nor can you determine who is going to order a product or from where. This leads to high costs for the business. You never know what needs to be stored where to meet fast shipping demands from clients.

To reduce the overall stress and to keep their clients happy, many businesses now use cross docking. As orders come in, the business orders from their main warehouse or suppliers, ship it to the local warehouse and then cross it over to the local delivery drivers for the "last mile" of the delivery. The benefits of cross docking have become so apparent that many of the major retailers are now also using this method to ship from store to store and to move products from their main warehouses. Cross docking reduces shipping times, overall shipping costs and frees up space in your warehouse area that can be used for storing high-demand products needed at each location.

I-Go Trans Your Cross Docking Shipping Partner

I-Go Trans is not like your other trucking companies. We see the changes that are happening in the trucking industry, and we are prepared to meet the new needs of our clients. If you find that cross docking is the perfect solution for your warehousing needs, we can make sure that your merchandise is moved accordingly. If you need to transport merchandise to your distribution centers or need local delivery of your goods for the final mile, I-Go Trans is here to help.

Contact one of our support staff members, and we can work out the logistics of your shipments. We are positive that you will like our shipping times and costs.

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