When you need a reliable shipping company that has experienced drivers, the first company to come to mind should be I-Go Trans.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans offers owner-operators an opportunity to move freight at above-average rates and secure as much as they want.

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I-Go Trans is always searching for experienced drivers and other team members. We are looking for friendly, service-minded people.

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I-Go Trans believes that you can provide superior service and on-time shipping while also giving the clients the best price and service.

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Let our extensive experience benefit your company. Our knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to provide on-time and affordable service.

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GPSes for Trucks, Trailers and Other Vehicles

Let's face the facts, GPS systems designed for consumers do not offer truck drivers the information they need to do their jobs. Yes, they provide directions like they do to regular drivers, but that information is based on regular traffic patterns and situations.

Truck drivers need to know additional information when they are driving other than the location of local traffic jams or side road shortcuts to a destination. A trucker needs to know if a road allows trucks, if it has bridges that may be too low to pass under, or if there are weight requirements for a road.

Truckers need to know where rest areas are, where truck stops are located, and places you can park for the night if one of these two options is not available. A trucker also needs to dial into GPS to find loading docks, find the right trailer for a pickup, and any other relevant information that may impact their driving schedule.

Having the right GPS for your truck can help you:

* Avoid traffic problems and provide you with the most direct route to your destination
* Keep you on roads that will accommodate the weight and size of your vehicle
* Give you estimates of toll costs for any toll roads you may have to use

* Help you avoid bridges and overpasses that cannot accommodate your truck
* Help you keep your ELD up to date
* Help you find truck parking areas and rest stops
* Help you find docking areas and trailers

Your GPS system should also be able to integrate into your Wi-Fi, work with your speaker systems and connect to your backup camera systems. I-Go Trans believes that every driver should take advantage of these GPS services. Using a trucker-focused GPS system will eliminate a lot of stress that drivers face each day, help them improve their delivery times, and make life on the road much easier. Our experienced technicians can help you find the right GPS system for your truck or your trailer. We can make sure that you have a system that you feel comfortable working with and that will provide you with all of the tools you need to make your job easier.

I-Go Trans continually looks for ways to help its drivers. We understand the stress of operating a truck, and we strive to find ways to make the job easier for our company's driers and independent partners. We encourage you to take advantage of these services so that you can reduce your stress levels while also improving your delivery times.

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