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There are many shipments that require temperature-controlled settings to ensure that the product arrives in good condition. Semi-trucks that have refrigeration units attached to their trailers are commonly referred to as “Reefers.”

Reefers are used for many different types of products. Some of these include:

• Fresh produce
• Fresh Meat
• Frozen Goods
• Some Electronics
• Some Chemicals *
• Some Pharmaceuticals
• Some Plants

*Most chemical shipments are made as hazardous materials or HazMat load, whether it is shipping in a reefer or a dry van.

Reefer Trailer Benefits

Being able to move products in a reefer trailer has enabled retailers to keep their prices lower. The ability to move fresh produce, meats, and frozen goods over a long distance without having to worry about spoilage keeps grocery shelves full and prices affordable.

Without reefer trucks, many grocery stores would be forced to only rely on local produce and meats. This could result in some areas of the country not having access to something as basic as a banana because they are not grown close enough for a truck to deliver it fresh.

Since there is such a high demand for fresh food, there are many reefer trucks on the road at one time. These trailers look exactly like a dry van trailer, but they have a refrigeration until attached to them at the end near the cab of the truck.

Our Promise To You When Shipping Refrigerated Goods

We understand the nature of refrigerated shipping.

To ensure that our clients have a good experience with I-Go Trans, we manage all reefer shipments in the following manner:

• When you contact us about a refrigerated load, we will discuss the temperature your stock needs to be held during shipment. This way, we can use the right trailer to meet those needs.

• We will pre-cool the trailer before we arrive to make a pick-up. That way, there is no real change in temperature when the shipment is removed from your storage area and placed into our truck.
• We will make sure that your freight is properly placed so that airflow can continue during the shipment process.
• Trailer temperature will be monitored throughout the entire delivery process.
• We will make sure that the freight is unloaded quickly from our trailer to ensure that it can maintain temperature needs upon its arrival.

Do You Have A Refrigerated Shipment That Needs To Move?

If you have a shipment that needs to be kept refrigerated, I-Go Trans is available to help. We have a large fleet of trucks that can move your reefer shipment anywhere in the country.

We have the ability to move refrigerated or frozen shipments, and we guarantee that the temperature will be held at a constant state throughout the shipment. We understand that these items need extra care, and we will make sure care is what they receive.

All of the reefer trailers in our fleet are modern trailers with newer equipment. This means that the cool air is evenly distributed through the trailer at all times. Older trailers often suffer a lot of spoilage at either end of the trailer because the airflow is less than desirable. At I-Go Trans, we can guarantee that all the product in our trailers stays at a constant temperature.

If you are ready to make a refrigerated shipment, contact one of our transport specialists, We will be happy to help you move your product in a safe and quick manner.

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