When you need a reliable shipping company that has experienced drivers, the first company to come to mind should be I-Go Trans.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans offers owner-operators an opportunity to move freight at above-average rates and secure as much as they want.

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I-Go Trans is always searching for experienced drivers and other team members. We are looking for friendly, service-minded people.

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I-Go Trans believes that you can provide superior service and on-time shipping while also giving the clients the best price and service.

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Let our extensive experience benefit your company. Our knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to provide on-time and affordable service.

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Driver Position Contact Form

I-Go Trans is seeking company drivers that desire an opportunity to have a great career as a truck driver. We are growing rapidly and are in continual need of qualified drivers. To drive for I-Go Trans, you must:

* Be at least 21 years old and possess a Class A CDL license
* Have not had any positive tests for any type of controlled substance for at least two years
* You must not have a DUI on your driving record.
* If you do have a DUI on your driving record, it must be older than five years.
* You must disclose any driving violations that you have received in the last three years as a truck driver and as a private driver.
* You must disclose any accidents you have been involved in over the last three years, either privately or as a truck driver.
* You must list any prior driving experience you have had and with what company. Driving experience is not required.

When you come to work for I-Go Trans, you can expect to enjoy the following:

* Top rated pay and benefits package
* Pay for multiple stops
* Layover pay
* Use of a truck that is from 2018 or newer
* Access to different types of loads for gained experience
* Learn about driving a reefer
* Work only as much or as little as you want
* Access to discount programs and other benefits that we can find for our drivers

We ask that when you come to work for I-Go Trans that you:

* Fill out your direct deposit forms immediately so that there are never any delays in receiving your payment. * Be ready to gain experience that will help you with your future in the trucking industry. * Take advantage of opportunities to drive different types of loads to different destinations to get the most experience when working with us.

Many of our drivers change from company drivers to owner-operators that partner with us. This is a great opportunity to be your own boss and to expand your own opportunities. We encourage all drivers who want to expand to being an owner-operator to take advantage of the opportunities we have to make that happen.

I-Go Understands the Needs of Drivers

I-Go Trans was started when a few truck drivers decided to take their experience and expectations and create a transportation service. These drivers know the industry inside and out, and they understand how important it is to treat the drivers well.

Our drovers receive top pay and benefits for the industry. We strive to make our drivers happy with pay rates, benefits, time on/off, and the quality of the equipment they use.

We also make sure that our drivers gain the necessary experience and training needed to be successful as truck drivers.

Coming to the company on orientation does not guarantee employement
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For More Information, Please Call:  (720) 776-3700