When you need a reliable shipping company that has experienced drivers, the first company to come to mind should be I-Go Trans.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans offers owner-operators an opportunity to move freight at above-average rates and secure as much as they want.

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I-Go Trans is always searching for experienced drivers and other team members. We are looking for friendly, service-minded people.

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I-Go Trans believes that you can provide superior service and on-time shipping while also giving the clients the best price and service.

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Let our extensive experience benefit your company. Our knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to provide on-time and affordable service.

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Tires for Trucks and Trailers

One of the largest expenses of operating a semi-truck after fuel costs are the cost of tires. You put a lot of miles on your truck and trailer each day, and it is crucial to your safety to make sure that your tires are in good condition when you are operating your vehicle.

Bad tires on semi-trucks can cause a lot of problems. A bad tire may peel while running down the road and cause damage to vehicles around the truck or trailer. This can be a liability, especially if someone is hurt.

A bad tire, especially a steering tire, can cause the driver to lose control of the truck and have an accident. Bad tires can also make it hard to operate a vehicle in general. A tire that is going bad can make it difficult to steer, cause you to burn more fuel, and lead to higher repair expenses if the tire peels and damages your truck or trailer.

Pre Trip Inspection For Tires

To stay safe while you are operating on the road, it is necessary for truckers to always inspect their tires. Since so much wear is placed on the tires every day, it is necessary to check tires each and every time before you begin your trip.

- Air Pressure. Make sure that the tires have enough air in them. Low air pressure can damage the tires and make the trailer harder to handle on the road.

Low tires can also lead to tires peeling when they heat up on the roads. When you are inspecting your tires, also listen for any potential leaks.

- Look Between Tires. Since many trucks have axels that have dual tires on them, it is important to look between those tires for any road debris that may have gotten lodged between the tires or up near the axel. Something this simple can cause a lot of damage to your truck or tires.

- Check Valve Caps. Missing or loose valve caps can lead to your tires losing air while you are driving down the road.

- Tire Tread. Your tire tread should be no lower than 4/32 of an inch on any area of tread on your tire. If your tread is lower than that, you are placing yourself at risk.

- Side Walls. Look at your sidewalls for damage. Road debris can pop up and hit the sidewalls while you are operating the vehicle. While this may not cause a flat to occur right away, it can weaken the integrity of the tire and cause a blowout later on.

I-Go Trans has arranged for discounts on tires in many places around the country. We encourage all of our independent drivers to take advantage of these discounts so that they can keep their trucks operating safely.

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