When you need a reliable shipping company that has experienced drivers, the first company to come to mind should be I-Go Trans.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans offers owner-operators an opportunity to move freight at above-average rates and secure as much as they want.

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I-Go Trans is always searching for experienced drivers and other team members. We are looking for friendly, service-minded people.

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I-Go Trans believes that you can provide superior service and on-time shipping while also giving the clients the best price and service.

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Let our extensive experience benefit your company. Our knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to provide on-time and affordable service.

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Owner Operators

I-Go Trans is seeking owner-operator partners that desire great pay and opportunities. We are looking for long and short-haul drivers that want more from their job.

What We Offer

I-Go Trans offers the following benefits to all of our owner-operator partners:

* Top pay per mile * 24-hour dispatching. We know that when your truck isn't moving, you are not making money. We can assign you loads around the clock.
* No-fee direct deposits. You should never have to pay to receive your money.
* Discount card for fuel purchases. You can save up to $.60 per gallon. That will help you increase profit.
* Discounts around the country for truck maintenance, repairs, and tires.
* Ability to enroll in a good health insurance program through our company.

Benefits Of Working For I-Go Trans

One of the hardest things about being an owner-operator is depending on the job boards to have something you need when you need it.

You can always work with brokers, but these brokerages have fees, often high fees, to use their service.

When you work with I-Go Trans, those problems are gone.

You will no longer have to worry about sitting idle in a truck stop for hours or days waiting for a job. You will no longer have to worry about delayed payments for your work from the brokers. You will no longer have to worry about shippers "forgetting" to pay for your services.

When you work with I-Go Trans, you have all the freedoms of being an independent driver with all of the protections of being a company driver.

Apply Now!

If you are ready to have more security as an owner-operator, make high rates for all of your loads, and reduce the overall stress of your job, then it is time to apply for a position with I-Go Trans.

We are currently looking for owner-operators with all different trailer types and load experience. We are positive that you will love our pay rates and all the benefits that our company provides our independent partners.

We are rapidly expanding and believe that you will benefit from our growth. I-Go Trans is actively recruiting new clients, so there are always loads available.

Owner-operators are needed for local, regional, and national loads. If you are ready to increase your earnings, we encourage you to apply to be one of our partners today.

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